Which steps do you take for your future?

Split~Vision inspires better entrepreneurship. Not only with our software, but especially by our own employees and everyone associated with us. The employees are our company and we are proud of that! How do you explain what makes us successful? We believe it is hidden in our corporate culture.


“Getting the best output from employees and their professional environment”

Split~Vision Academy

Besides that we always keep developing ourselves, we think it is important that our employees do not sit still. Personal development plays a major role in the growth of our employees. Everyone gets the chance to create a personal roadmap with us. Together with the employee, we look at the possibilities in the field of training, education, and certificates to make the dreams and goals come true.

For us, your development equals ‘The sky is the limit’

What makes us different

We are a company that has already erased the hierarchy in the distant past. We do not have any layers within Split~Vision. Everyone is equal despite different functions. We trust our colleagues to do the right thing and make their own decisions. This creates a lot of flexibility both internally and externally.

What makes us a team is our shared drive; growth and development. We are focused on innovation with a focus on our people and development. If you want to learn a lot, then you’ve come to the right place!

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