Structure and secure information

With Information Governance, you record all agreements and language conventions that apply within your organisation. Roles, tasks and responsibilities are safeguarded, which guarantees an unambiguous storage of information.

Is the discussion about Information Governance going on in your organisation?

Information governance may be a source of discussion. This can be solved by properly securing Information Governance and management in one go.

Integrate SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Our management environment integrates with both SharePoint and Microsoft 365. A functional manager can add sites, lists, libraries, content types and other components. In this way, you also establish uniformity and quality of information within these environments.

Roles and tasks

Organise information governance from roles and tasks in your organisation? Structure and manage information from one central management environment? Secure agreements and language conventions as part of your information management strategy.

SharePoint and Office365 administration

From the governance and management environment, you can easily manage and control your Office365 and SharePoint environment. Business and IT are brought together completely.

Think of managing sites, lists, libraries, content types and many other components that a functional administrator adds to your Microsoft environment and manages manually.

Changes can easily be implemented and will save you up to 70% in time. In addition, the uniformity and quality are immediately increased considerably.