Choose optimal and uniform design of your data management

Organizations need information to perform. The GoverMaxx Platform structures data so that organizations can access it via one integrated platform. Employees get access to the necessary information via target group-oriented portals. You set up our platform based on roles, tasks, responsibilities, and powers as defined in your business.

Well and reliably structured information makes collaboration easier. GoverMaxx’s unified data management lays the foundation for compliance and governance. Files, cases, and reports meet the set organizational standard. This gives integrated business operations a boost and makes processes more manageable.

How does GoverMaxx work in practice?

Let’s say your organization wants to improve communication with customers. Then we will (after securing your source data) turn on our Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) module in GoverMaxx. From that moment on, there is a better view of the contact with other organizations and employees can work together more effectively.

If the first success has been achieved with CRM, there may be a need to take the personnel policy to a higher level. No problem. By activating our HR module, ‘in service’, ‘out of service’ and vacation days can easily be managed via a portal. Is this on the way? Then turn on ‘performance management’ in the same module and support the personnel policy even more professionally.

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