Create unity by working unambiguously

In order to efficiently process matters, tasks and documents within projects and processes, a uniform working method is essential. GoverMaxx’s case management system is in line with the common terminology within the organization. We ensure that information is recorded equally everywhere.


How easy is it for you to reliably build files?

Anchor unambiguous case management in the organization by bringing all facets together in one clear system.



Unburden employees, managers and customers

Within the GoverMaxx platform, employees, managers and customers can easily find all relevant information. By working unambiguously, archived files are easy to find. The use of portals makes sharing files and tasks simple, controllable and clear.

** One organization one efficient business

In our view, a number of statements (principles) are important and guiding for the realization of efficient business operations. They must form the frameworks and provide insight into what the quality of the case management information system must meet, in order to be able to think and act as one organization with one efficient business operation.
Important statements that need to be made to achieve this include:

  • Connect to the (information) language of the organization and common terminology;
  • Identical design of the business operations and case management for projects and processes;
  • Uniform design of all underlying systems in which the case management system is central.

Your organization realizes uniform and efficient cooperation through leadership in clear guiding statements.