Experience the value of information

Do you have a need for information that is reliable and is available always and everywhere? Easy to register and findable for every target audience within your organization?  SinglePoint-for-All, the information platform based on Microsoft SharePoint offers grip on information on customers, documents, e-mails, employees, cases, planning, processes, projects, objects, management reports and more. One SinglePoint of Truth in which all information is digitally available, in coherence, for the quality of the service you offer. Integral, reliable, verifiable and controllable.  With this integral information platform you are able to transform your organization to an effective and efficient digital organization with 20 to 30 percent less production and IT costs. A realistic and valuable result for your organization. Our result? Enthusiastic employees, happy customers and trust in valuable digital information.

Realizing ambitions together

Split~Vision helps shaping and securing your information vision and digital ambition in business management and IT. With 24/7 availability. We are an ambitious team of professionals who, together with their partners, is able to get the best out of people, resources and organization. Our focus lies in the dynamics of your information organization, accommodating short-term and long-term goals throughout the years. New insights, translated into strategic, tactical and operational advice and our software. Always keeping your interests -and those of your customers.


A coherent set of solutions

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